About Us

We are a 100 year old family farm in Northern Indiana that produces beautiful artisan soaps and body care products that are handcrafted with love.

We came about from a need for an alternative to what was sold in the mainstream stores - a naturally gentle, nourishing line of bath and body products. 

Unlike traditional soaps, our cold processed soaps are made in small batches using a traditional process that takes weeks to cure.  This process keeps the naturally beneficial by-products in like glycerin and essential oils, and leaves out the nasty fillers (sulphates, parabens, phtalates and synthetic ingredients) that can irritate and dry out your skin.

Most of our lines are made with purely natural ingredients. We care for the environment, choosing minimal packaging and are as plastic free as possible.

On our farm we raise our farm animals with extreme care and love. The feed is of the highest quality.  They are raised on well water from a well that was hand driven by my husband.   All are free ranging, happy animals.  I'm also a beekeeper and use the honey, beeswax and pollen in some of my products.  Our pollinators are so important to our food production and life! We are doing everything we can to help save the bees and all the pollinators on our farm.

As you can tell, we stand for excellent quality at a reasonable price with great service!  We hope that you notice the care we give in everything we produce on our farm and a difference in your skin after using our products.  We want whatever we are putting into or on our bodies to be the best product possible!  

Sending Our Love!


Where Can You Find Me Locally?

You can find me weekly at the Saturday Kosc. Co. Farmer's Market from May through October. We occasionally attend various events, festivals and specialty markets around Northern Indiana.  The best way to keep updated is to follow our Facebook or Instagram to find out where we will be.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns you can email me: